Welcome to Butler's Stockdogs

    Born on a Registered Angus Ranch in Northeast Texas, Grant Butler has been handling cattle his entire life. On any given day he can be found with his cattle dogs gathering, sorting and moving cattle. Many local ranches hire him to gather cattle ranging from 800 pound stockers steers/heifers to anxious trading cattle to registered and commercial cow/calf pairs. 

    Throughout his years of experience, Grant has acquired a very gentle and calm way of handling cattle by using a style of dog training that brings out the natural ability of the dog.

    People who have bought dogs from Grant find them to be an effective part of their cattle operation.  Dogs that have been sent in for training have returned to their homes mentally and physically ready to be an effective, efficient worker.

    If you are a cattleman looking to purchase a cattle dog, or to have your cattle dog trained, give Grant a call at 903-573-6201,  or send him an email at grant@butlerstockdogs.com. He would be glad to answer any questions you might have.