Meet Grant Butler 

Born on a Registered Angus Ranch in East Texas, Grant has been handling cattle his entire life. On any given day Grant can be found with his cattle dogs gathering, sorting and moving cattle.

Cattle dogs first began being used on Butler Farms because Grant started searching for a more effective and efficient way to gather and maneuver cattle. After learning how to properly train and use cattle dogs, Grant found the immediate and positive impact of having a couple of well trained dogs on the farm. He found that he dogs helped gentle down the cattle. The cattle trust the dogs and in turn became more gentle and easier to work with. Second, when dogs are used to pen the cattle, the rancher doesn’t have to worry for weeks whether or not he will be able to gather his cattle the day of shipping. Also, when dogs are used, the rancher doesn’t have to worry about the cattle if they get loose or one breaks out. Third, the dog becomes a friend as well as a working partner that will be there time and time again.

    When Grant first began searching for some cattle dogs, the cattle bred Border Collies, the Kelpie, and the Hangin’ Tree Cowdog were used. He had success with all the breeds but currently has Border Collies and Hangin’ Tree Cowdogs in his line of working dogs today.

After many years of experience with handling livestock with cattle dogs Grant began using the dogs as a method of making a living. By being able to provide the public with useable cattle dogs, he formed Butler Stockdogs. Currently, Grant makes a living by training and selling cattle dogs, and ranching.  Not only does he have cattle dogs for sale but trains them for the public.

If you are a cattle man looking for a cattle dog to add to your crew or are a ranch looking to have your cattle dog trained, give Grant a call at 903-573-6201. He would be glad to answer any questions you might have.